Training, Clinic and  Breeding-Service….

We provide you following service on our Ranch:

- Training for your horse from begining…. - Groundwork with your horse - Coaching with your horse - Personality development with help from horse as a mirror from ourself - competence development in line with personality-development-trainings with horses - extensive Breeding Service, if you want breed your mare


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- Training of your horse

Gladly you could bring your horse for training by us. Either from starting or for 

corrections, it`s important for us, your horse get a solid training, than you could build

up on it.

Gladly we adapt the training to your individual wishes. Our infrastructure provide

therefor the best opportunity. Of course we are coaching also yourself, that the

best cooperation between you and your horse is possible und you have fun together….

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- Groundwork with your horse:

Gladly we train your horse from starting, that means, including groundwork (Basic

work). All skills your horse has learned by groundwork, it`s easyer to do for your

horse by riding. Also included is the dominance-working, that means your horse should

respect you as his leader, so you could work along with a good basic and respect.

You could do groundwork also with older horses, for reaping more respect and trust.

Groundwork with your horse will also be provided to you in daily clinics, so you will be

able to practice at home by yourself.

- Personality development with help from your horse as a mirror

from ourselves 

- Competition development in line with leadership development-trainings

with horses

Why personality development with horses?

We learn from horses authentic leadership, clearly and nonviolent Communication,

relationship-ability and social together. And therefor, how could humans achieve a

better own life control, correction of deficits and find the courage, to identify our

dreams and realize them.

From our unique Coaching was created a program for executive manager, but also

for everyone, which would enter in a world, in which they explore their own nature

and energie, to influence positively and in sustainable manner their privat- and business

life, without intellectual oder psychologic discussions. 

Horses have a natural feeling and honest and inerrable intuition for authenticity and


They saw to the marrow, not our business or social position, or that, what we have


Throught her honesty they reflect our person without prejudice and that very


Here some impressions from our last courses:

Academic part:

 Pracical part:

- Comprehensiv Breeding Service, if you want breed

your mare

We would like to serve you with our longtime breeding experience. If you choose a

stallion or board your mare to foal, inoculation, chipping, breeding-papers, and so on

Speak with us about your requirements…….

- Video analysis with your horse:

You couldn`t learn faster, as if you saw your own progress or mistakes. If you saw

yourself, you could better understand and learn. Optionally we provide you a video

analysis during your ride! It shows you and your level. It shows also your progress and

the progress of your horse and support you - to success!