Our Ranch/the facilities…

Our Ranch is located in Lommiswil with a beautiful view of countryside and

mountains! The ranch provide you Training, Coaching, Breeding Service and Boarding

for horses and Rider.

It`s a place, where you and your horse would feel good and let you drop the daily



Quarter-Miles-Ranch      Wittwer-Rix René und Manuela      Fliederweg 2      CH-4514 Lommiswil      Switzerland 0041 79 827 29 93 (Manuela) 0041 79 205 36 75 (René) manu.rene@bluewin.ch www.quarter-miles-ranch.com

The Ranch…

The Ranch provide you to practice professional Reining - The Ranch has all you need

for solide and quality Training. The Indoor Reining arena is sized by 30 x 60 Meter

with dedicated Reining - Ground. The Round - Pen and also the horse worker are

necessary for daily working. In a later date we are going to provide you with an

Aqua trainer to relax tensed muscles and ligaments.

The Barn…..

The comfort of the boxes let your horse feel good. We could provide you boxes

with a size of 4 x 3 Meter and Paddocks sized of 3 x 8 Meter, althogether 36 sm

for your horse. The boxes are equipped with rubber mats. Boxes and Doors

equipped with extrem hard bambus-wood.

Horsewalker and Roundpen….

A Horsewalker and a Roundpen are indispensable for the training of young horses,

but you could also use them for all ages horses to provide them enought movement

and also for clarifying dominance from time to time.

The Horsewalker has place for 6 horses…..

Das Reining - Café….STOP & SLIDE

Stop & Slide provide you refreshments and snacks. You can also have a look to the

riders in the hall in a warm area …

Our Servicearea….

We offer place for saddling, washing, serve saddles, Solarium….

The Solarium serves:  - to drying the horse

                          - to introduce the blood circulation of your horse

                          - to warm up the muscles of your horse

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